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File Preparation

Die lines & Computer cut vinyl lettering.
Our digital cutter and plotter both require vector data. If you 
are setting up a file that needs a keyline or your file is for computer cut letters, we require a single vector path of the shape. Turn on wireframe view so you can see that your line is 
a single line segment and not a series of over lapping objects
Why original files
When we receive your file in its original format, it allows us to supply better output. If you export as a pdf or an eps, the file can be negatively affected and limit our ability to make crucial adjustments. Especially when it comes to matching logo colours and critical elements of your design.

Look over the file for the following...
All placed images are linked (do not embed your images into your document) Images are positioned correctly on the page (check for highlights on edges) Convert all fonts to paths/outlines (check the document thoroughly) 
Make sure all links are supplied with the file.
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